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We deliver everything but the baby – The Ad Store New York

We deliver everything but the baby

Life is easier for new parents with Diapers.com


Don’t worry mom!

Diapers.com is the largest online retailer for baby products. Its goal is very simple: to make life easier for new parents. In order to communicate this positioning, TV and print ads were developed, reflecting Diapers.com’s commitment to 24/7 customer service as well as the brand’s total understanding of what it’s like to have a new baby.


Time for change

We created the first commercial for Diapers.com, where employees at Diapers.com customer service are all babies, with the aim to show empathy with customers. Thanks to the magic of special effects, the customer service babies “talk” to callers through their headsets, discussing Diapers’ online offer. Also, with the online viral video “Time for change”, we lampooned negative political ads and turned the 2008 election time into thousand of hits for Diapers.com