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Make a name with us

The power of being different


Break the internet

In 2005, GoDaddy.com was a small company in the crowded internet domain name registration sector. The company turned to The Ad Store with a challenge: create name recognition and increase brand awareness among consumers, and what a better strategy than advertising the brand during Super Bowl, the most viewed television event in the US? With the Super Bowl as the stage for the campaign’s launch, The Ad Store and GoDaddy.com made quite a bit of noise with a TV spot that became the most talked about and controversial of the year – and a humorous take on broadcast censorship.

The added value

Mission accomplished

The ad was designed to be provocative and create excitement and interest towards GoDaddy.com with the aim to create a media buzz about its airing. The results? During the Super Bowl demand crashed their servers, the ad became the most replayed moment of the game and GoDaddy went from no. 3 to no. 1 in a month. Today it's the largest platform in the industry worldwide.