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A new idea of flying – The Ad Store New York

A new idea of flying

How to become America’ favorite airline company



JetBlue is a low-cost carrier that we supported in communication since its birth. The first objective was to create a fresh marketing approach with a strong campaign message - “It’s not the only way to fly, but it should be” - that was developed as the brand platform, using wit, humor and style to deliver JetBlue’s promise to provide the most pleasant flying experience available.



We made JetBlue famous by positioning the brand as a welcome respite from the negative experiences of flying. The success depended on branding a superior experience while always listing the correct attributes. In our advertising, JetBlue delivered heavily on the promise and created a close bond with consumers. Thanks to our efforts, customers took ownership of the brand, which resulted in an exceptional loyalty. When JetBlue was launched, people were asking: “Does the world need another airline?”. Five years later, people started asking “Why can’t all airlines be more like JetBlue?”.

The added value

A strong relationship

After the successful launch campaign, the new challenge was creating an evolutionary marketing approach that captures consumers’ eyes, hearts and minds, while maintaining and strengthening the brand’s established core identity and its bond with the customers. So we launched the “We like you, too” campaign, based on rave reviews from customers – and the media – who had discovered the JetBlue experience. Every ad was a thank you to the customer.


average load factor


increase in passenger miles


revenue growth


Effie Award 2002

Marketer of the year

Ad Age

Best Domestic Airlines

Conde Nast Traveler’s 2002- 2003 -2004