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A new digital experience for Meridiana – The Ad Store New York

A new digital experience for Meridiana

This is how we improved the UX of an airline website



Going beyond the classic features of an online platform and leading the user to his ideal destination: this is the challenge Meridiana gave us. The project is part of a process of renewal of the brand’s digital communications that started with a brand restyling. The platform has been entirely redesigned so as to turn the simple sale of an airway journey into an experience, into the excitement of discovery and escape. Every detail was designed and developed based on one goal: to create a strong brand identity where the traveller can recognize himself and be touched.



Meridiana speaks for itself through its destinations. This is why we chose to let images take the lead, keeping them large, evocative and impactful in order to make the user fall in love with his next destination, even before his journey starts. We chose to give Meridana’s website a solid and contemporary look with an added emotional touch, to keep it always fresh and timeless. The biggest evolution was in the user experience: we made the website more immediate, easy to use, friendly and safe – now travel details customization, users’ profiling, bookings and payments have never been faster.



The exclusive partnership with Sitecore®, the world-leading content management platform, allowed for a customized user experience that makes frequent flyers happier and clearly and directly speaks to each user. It was an ambitious assignment that led to the definition of the new Meridiana website assets, characterized by consistency and continuity between online and offline, simplification, a customized user experience, responsiveness on any device and full accessibility for people with disabilities.

Diamantea is one of the few Italian companies to have become a certified partner of Sitecore®: this innovative platform together with the strategic/creative capabilities of The Ad Store has granted greater added value to the project. We are very proud of the results and the work for Meridiana confirms the trust and esteem for the agency team with whom we have been collaborating for quite some time.

Marco La Cava, CTO, Diamantea