La passione per la pizza

How to spread Italian traditions all over the world


The culture of pizza

Le 5 Stagioni is an Italian brand of pizza flour, the number one in the world, that has become an ambassador to the old art of master pizza chefs. The brand’s commitment is making high-quality flours, but its mission is also promoting Italian pizza as a healthy and authentic dish throughout the world.


Authentic Pizza Chefs use only Le 5 Stagioni flours

Incredible as it may sound, the experiment of chef Pasquale Cozzolino, a Neapolitan in New York, confirms Le 5 Stagioni’s brand positioning. Cozzolino’s experiment is called Pizza Diet, and in 2016 it made the international media go crazy, with coverage from the New York Post to CNN and a huge online success. The idea? Pizza is good for you, and the 99 lbs Chef Cozzolino lost thanks to his Pizza Diet prove it. Cozzolino’s story was a further confirmation of the brand’s mission, so much so that he is now one of the most reliable endorsers of Le 5 Stagioni.

The added value

Every flour has a story to tell

Chef Cozzolino helped us launch the brand among consumers in the US also by becoming the protagonist of a special flour packaging. That’s why, despite being a b2b brand, Le 5 Stagioni has become famous also among consumers, especially thanks to a series of initiatives, events, exhibitions and international schools it has partnered with based on a well-designed communication plan spanning over several channels, especially social networks and PR.